Features and benefits

Figment POS can cover all your demands!

Quick Setup

Welcome to Figment POS. The installation of our ePOS system is just the start of our journey with you. Get started with tutorial & guides. We are happy to welcome you aboard. Figment POS is the way to go!

Inventory Management

Figment POS system helps you keep stock moving and gives customers what they’re asking for.

Loyalty Programs

Figment allows you to set up personalised loyalty schemes so you can spread the love and rewards. We can help you manage your system. We understand it can be hard to provide discounts. Therefore, we have made it easy for you.

Fully Customized

Integrated app to maximise efficiency. Figment can be customised to meet your business needs.

Ingredients Tracking

Your ingredients, under control. Add another level to your stock and cost control by assigning ingredients to your products. Figment gives you the most in-depth account of your inventory levels.

Reports and Analytics

View today’s numbers or take a look at the past year with dashboard that make it easy to track sales, profit and changes over time. Use variables and filters to understand what’s happening across all your store locations.

Reliable Offline Mode

Offline Mode ensures you’re always able to take payments and make transactions. Perfect if your business is on the move or your connection isn’t all that reliable. Don't worry about WiFi!

Table Service

Table layouts that match your restaurant floor. Table statuses to speed up service. Quick printing options to streamline your order flow. Figment will take the stress out of your table service. Simple and Fast

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Reports And Analytics

We know that you are looking for a POS that gives you detailed and accurate reports. Figment POS gives you what you are looking for and more.

Products Performance Reporting
Products Performance

View the performance of products and individual stores

Customers Shopping Habits Report - Figment POS
Customers shopping habits

Better understand your customers’ shopping habits

Top Employees Report - Figment POS
Top Employees

Learn which employees are your top performers

Diverse Types of Business

Figment POS supports a wide range of business types, Navigate to business types to see your business there.