Affordable& quality POS System

Affordable& quality POS System

Why is it essential to acquire the most affordable& top quality POS System?

As we already know, based on research, there are dozens of POS Systems which are both affordable and are a good quality. However, each one of those POS Systems offers something different and each client has their own needs. The idea of a POS system is the same, the only differences are that some POS Systems are tailored to a specific industry. For example, Salon POS, this particular type of system you would use for a Salon as it’s tailored particularly to Salons. However, generally, POS Systems offer the same sort of idea. The main features which are the most essential for any business are the ‘Inventory management’, ‘Generating Reports’, ‘Reliable Offline Mode’, ‘Integrated Payments’& Employee Time Tracking’. Below, are an explanation for each of the essential features for a better understanding:

Integrated Payments 

Managing inventory is the most time- consuming and labor- intensive task within the retail business process. One of the reasons why retail stores choose to embrace a POS System is the ability to immediately get an instant and accurate update on the store inventory. POS Systems record each time you check out a customer and automatically deduct the purchased item from your inventory list, which is maintained on the systems hard drive. Having a POS System that can automatically track and control the inventory is a great advantage to business owners as they can hire less stock personnel and spend less time monitoring stock.  A POS System can help you analyze your previous sales data and allow you to make suitable decisions about product reordering.

Generating Reports 

A feature that every retail business owner loves from their POS System is the reporting feature. After every workday, or off- hours, you can produce reports that give you sales insights from the whole day, week, month or year. Based on the generated report, you will be able to observe which you’re top- selling products, which products sell well on which days, at what price and promotions work best.

Reliable Offline Mode

Honestly, every single business requires this particular feature as you never know when the connection can cut off! It is essential to make sure that whatever POS System you choose, has this feature. Reliable Offline Mode ensures that you are always able to make payment transactions. This feature is required for businesses that are on the constant move or your connection is not always operative.

Employee Time Tracking 

If you are an owner of a large business and have 50-100 employees, or a small-medium business it is required that you have an employee time tracking within your POS. You might be the type of business owner who travels a lot and would like to keep track of your employees performance within their working hours and to check how well they are doing. This also allows business owners to reward their employees ’employee of the month’. Two good reasons to have this feature are:

A. The ability for you to check on your employee’s performance.

B. The ability to know who works best and to award them.

Why is Figment the best choice for a POS System?

Figment POS offers the most convenient features for any type of business. If you are a restaurant, salon, Spa& Gym or Cafe owner, Figment is the answer for you as we can tailor the application according to your needs. We have developed the application in such a way that it can benefit any type of industry.

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