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Figment POS App

So, you’re done setting up your business on your manager’s dashboard, the next step is your registers. Download “Figment POS” on your iPad and Sign in
Figment POS on the appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/figment-pos/id1298543433?mt=8

Your Lock Screen

Figment’s lock screen allows employees to login using their 4-digit codes. Once the employee is logged in, the purchases made will be synced under his/her name.
Figment’s clock in/out feature can be used while on lock screen, locate the button in the top right corner labelled “clock “, tap the button and enter the employee code, and tap on “Clock in/out “


The register tab is the first tab you will see once you log into your Figment POS app, it allows you to open/close tabs, make transactions, apply discounts, and add customers.
The layout is simple and is set using the manager’s backoffice.
To create a new transaction, simply add the requested item by tapping it, on top the added item you can identify the customer if previously entered or add a new customer, on the bottom you can apply discounts to your tab.

To check out, simply tap on the green bar and choose the payment method.

Manager Dashboard

This tab is only available for accounts with manager level permissions
– View sales report summary

– Print sales report
– Sync your register with the manager’s backoffice

– Manage cash and open, close, drop in and out cash
– Access the manager’s backoffice

– View the loyalty and campaign summary

Parked Bills

When you park bills from the register tab, they will appear in the parked bill tab, once you tap on the tab you will see a list of your parked bills, you can use the search tool to look for a specific bill or scroll through to print or restore your bills.

This way help you complete your sales with no delays and without the need to wait until the sale process is complete to serve another customer.


This tab allows you to view your past transactions, refund items or bills, email or print receipts


To refund bills, simply select the bill, tap on the refund button and select the items; a pop up will automatically show with the amount you need to return to the customer.

Table Service

The table service tab allows you to draw your setting with circle or square tables.
Go into edit mode on the top right corner and tap on the (+) sign to add a table, customize the look, name and size of the table then place it according to your restaurant floor.

Once you are done creating your tables, exit edit mode and tap on your table, a pop up will appear labelled “Guest Count”, select the number of guests and open your new table. Tap on the table again and add the customer’s orders, once they pay their bill, go back to your table service tab and once they leave, tap on their table and tap on “Free Table “.


General Settings: you can re-sync with your manager’s backoffice and customize different aspects of your Figment POS system to suit your business needs.

Printer settings: you can add or remove printers, simply tap on “search for printers” and tap on your printer’s name.

Scanner Settings: add or remove barcode scanners.

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