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The Marketing page allows you to create campaigns for your loyal customers.

The top section of the page shows you the summary of your past campaigns and transactions and the bottom section shows you your previous campaigns and statuses.
To create a new campaign, simply hover to the “Add Campaign” button and click, the page will take you through 5 simple steps of creating a campaign for your customers.
– Type of campaign
– Goal: set the amount customers need to spend to get rewarded
– Reward: choose a free item or credit, and set whether a customer can take advantage of the campaign more than 1 time.
– Settings: choose your campaign start and finish dates.
– Summary: view the options you selected in the previous steps and set your campaign to “Active “.

  • CRM

– Figment POS helps you keep a database of your loyal customers, using the iPad app, once a customer’s information is entered, Figment automatically syncs the information with the backoffice.

– The customers page allows you to export your list to Mail Chimp, view customer’s information and their past purchases.

– It’s only a few steps away, just click on the top left on add costumers and fill the requested information and you will be good to go, also you can add more than one customer at the same time by clicking on import customer and download the template and fill it with the customer’s information.

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