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Your products page allows you to:

– Create new products or bulk import products, and set prices, variations and tax, delivery charge, and choose if the product is discountable
– Set categories, suppliers and departments
– Manage ingredients
– Set your inventory and your re-order point for each item
– Customize and design your iPad grid for smooth sales

Figment provides three different ways to add your product you can find in details below:

1. Adding a simple product:

A simple product is the one that is sold directly without the need to create it from scratch.

– Click on Add product and start filling the requested data, you can also combine more than one product under the same category by clicking on manage category where you can name the category and add a color for it.

  • Set your default category as it will help you in tracking down your inventory.
  • Add the cost price and the selling price, also activate the button below it if the product is discountable then click oncreate a product.
  •  Add the name of the supplier, If the products have variation click on Track Variation inventory, then click on Save Product and you will be redirected to the variation page.
  • Add the variation such as size, color or type etc. and save the product.
  • Select the default Variation and save your product

Variations allow you to specify the different attributes of your product, such as size or color. You can define as many variations as you like for this product (e.g. size). Each variant can have one or multiple attributes. Each attribute has a name (e.g. large), a price (50p) and can be set as default or not (e.g. large is default). You can decide if the Attributes for each Variation (e.g. Size) are single or multiple choice.

Figment also offer extra detailed features that you can add to your variations by following the below steps:

  •  Click on variation tab then add variation, or if you already have variation/s from other product you can copy it with ingredients.
  •  Click on Add modifiers and fill the requested information.
  • All you have to do is click on Supplier and stock and activate the button (this product has modifiers) and you will be redirected to the modifier page and add the modifiers.

2. bulk import Products:

  •  click on Bulk import then upload products.
  •  Download the template and fill it with your products.
  • Upload Csv
  •  Add variations and Save your products

3. Adding a complicated product:

A complicated product is the one that made from several ingredients.

  •  Follow the previous first 3 steps with the price remaining as zero
  •  No supplier is added in this way
  •  Add the variation and keep the price as zero, click on save product and you will be redirected to the Recipe.
  •  Click on manage ingredient and fill the requested data.
  •  Go back to the recipe and add the ingredient and its price to create your product.
  •  A pop out will appear in the variation, click on set cost based on ingredient and save your product.
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