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Figment gives you detailed and in depth reports, View today’s numbers or take a look at the past year with dashboards that make it easy to track sales, profit, and changes over time. Use variables and filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations.

 View the performance of products and individual stores

  •  Identify opportunities for growth and business improvement
  •  Learn which employees are your top performers
  • Better understand your customers’ shopping habits

click on “Reports” on the left side and you’ll see a brief summary of today’s total sales, total transactions, sales by category and your top/least performing items.
To view your detailed reports, simply hover to the top menus and select the report you wish to view.

  • You can filter your reports using the drop-down menus from each specific report.
  • You can choose to view reports in a specific time period, simply hover to the date settings on the top right of your screen.
  • Use the export option to download any information you need as .xlsx or .csv.

Reports also give you a chance to manage your inventory, staff performance, timesheet and wastes.

Advanced Reports

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