Point of Sale

Point of Sale

1. What is a cloud-based POS?

As the name implies, a point of sale is where the customer pays the seller for the product or service provided. It can take many forms, a small cash register, a large computer system that collects and stores loads of data including prices and transactions records and something as simple and streamlined as a tablet or smartphone operating a dedicated POS app.

Usually, all of the businesses data collected by the POS are stored on an onsite computer or server. But, with a cloud-based POS, the data is stored online, which reduces the need for businesses to invest in bulky hardware. This is not a minor software change. This can make a huge difference to your business operations, increase mobility and reduce your expenses.

2. What does ‘cloud POS’ mean?

Cloud POS can be quite difficult to understand if you are a new business. ‘Cloud POS’ in an internet-based Point of sale system. Services that were once stored on your business’s hard drive are now accessible on the web.

3. Cloud-based POS systems vs. server-based POS systems

There are multiple reasons why you should update to cloud-based POS system.  Businesses have shown deep interest in the idea of a Point of sale over a server-based Point of sale. The reasons are, security and cost.

Businesses can operate more effectively at a fraction of the cost of a server-based Point of sale system. Furthermore, a cloud-based Point of sale provides you with opportunities to grow your business innovative ways that would not be possible on a server-based Point of sale.

4. 10 benefits of using a cloud-based POS

Figment cloud-based POS system is created to grow with your business.

Below are the main benefits:

  • One package, many tools: Quick setup, Loyalty Programs, Fully Customisable,  Inventory Management, Repoting& Analytics, Table Service, Reliable Offline Mode, Ingredients Tracking, Easy Refunds, Employee Time Tracking& Split By product or value.
  • Accuracy: Figment Point of Sale is designed to help your business remain as productive as possible. Figment POS allows your staff to relay on the dashboard and to trust that all your data is saved securely, which, also means that there is less chance of human error when processing a transaction.  Greater accuracy= smarter inventory, cost controls & business efficiency.
  • Adaptability: If you are a retail store owner, food truck owner or any type of owner our Cloud-based Point of Sale has the tools to serve your business needs.
  • Always improving: Figment Cloud-based Point of sale can be tailored and customized according to the needs of your business. We offer advanced features to help you start, run & grow your business.
  • Speed: Long queues are the bane of a busy small business and can negatively create a huge impact on your customers’ experiences. Simple product modifiers make it simple and efficient to get your customers to order while speeding up the check out process.
  • Integrated Payments: There is no need to set up a separate payment processing account or merchant facility. Figment Point of Sale enables you to accept credit & debit cards, contactless payments, and cash sales. Get the hardware you require and take payments with a mobile POS.
  • Add-on features: Figment POS integrates seamlessly with other essential business apps to streamline your operations, including, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Stich Labs & more, to ensure your whole business overall is connected.
  • Security: Running a cloud-based POS is secure since logins are connected to your own secure, self- nominated credentials. Advanced security features, such as, two- factor authentication & employee access controls enable you to decide who has access to your business data.
  • Valuable insights: When the working day is over, you can sign in to Figment POS Dashboard from any device. Using new customer information & sales reports by item, you can see what exactly needs to be improved, & filter reports. You have the ability to check through every single sector of your business in order to keep updated on the productivity of your business.