What is the best Restaurant system?

What is the best Restaurant system?

We all understand how difficult it is to manage a Restaurant. In order to ensure your business is successful it is essential that use the most suitable Restaurant system. Restaurants are usually under pressure as they have to welcome customers, sit them down, deliver menus, you also may have a limited number of employees and to ensure you deliver the right dish to the right customer without any delays.

These are only a few issues that Restaurants have to deal with on a daily basis. However, searching for the best POS system for your Restaurant is simple, your Restaurant system requires accuracy, reliability& flexibility. Your Restaurant POS needs to be able to handle everything, from customized menu items, Inventory management, Table services, Split bills or by item or value, Ingredients tracking, Reporting, and analytics, finally, Reliable offline mode. Depending on the quality of your Restaurant system, better it is for your business as your whole management would depend on your POS which results in happier customers and a successful business.

Other benefits of a  system involve communications between the kitchen and the staff. Orders go through the computer/IPad, straight to the kitchen printer. Advantages of the Restaurant POS is the ability to track ingredient inventory, reports& analytics and even employee time tracking. Restaurant system acts as a time clock. This system can save you a lot of money in your bookkeeping department.

A good restaurant system is vital for ringing up orders as well as keeping employee training fast& easy. When a POS interface is simple and straightforward, your workers are less likely to make a mistake when entering orders, which helps support the volume flow and ensure a good experience for your customers and because restaurants constantly recruit staff, especially in peak times. It makes a huge difference to any restaurant having an easy-to-use POS both for the staff and general management.

Why should YOU choose Figment POS as a restaurant system?

As stated above, a restaurant depends on its trusted POS to make life easier for everyone. There are dozens of POS systems available to choose from, but, the question is, which POS is best for you?

Figment POS offers multiple features and services to ensure both business and customer satisfaction. As a Restaurant owner, it is most important that you are satisfied with your selected POS.

Figment POS provides you with Reporting& Analytics, Inventory management, Loyalty& Rewards, Table services, Reliable offline mode, Ingredients tracking, Integrated payments& Employee time tracking. Each of the following features stated is what YOUR business requires to maintain your standards in the catering business. One of the most vital features provided by Figment POS is the Reliable offline mode which enables you to be on the constant move and still have the ability to track the productivity of your business, where ever you are. Figment POS keeps all your data secure and even if you are out of service and are in need to take payment transactions, with Figment POS, your information will automatically sync into your dashboard once you have an internet connection.

Figment POS offers a 14- day free trial for all new customers who choose to join us. For more information please visit our website: www.figmentech.com or visit our Facebook page: Figmentech. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and help you set- up your new system!

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