Why choose Figment POS System for your company?

Why choose Figment POS System for your company?

About Figment point of sale

Figment POS system is programmed in a way that can be used for any type of company. A Restaurant owner, Coffee Shop owner, Barber& Salon owner, Spa& Gym owner, Retail Store owner, Supermarket-owner, Movie& Event owner or a Bakery owner, Figment is fit for you!

What does Figment POS have to offer?

Figment, we have a whole range of services and features that would improve the speed of your process.  We believe in productivity, fast process and easy going!

Reporting& Analytics

Reporting & Analytics allows you to view all of your numbers for the day, or to view numbers within your previous years if you want to compare your sales between the present and past. The dashboard allows you to choose and view whatever you wish to see within your company database. This makes it easier for you to track sales, profit, and changes over time and analyse what you need to do to improve your sales if necessary for your business.

Inventory Management 

Depending on how you purchase products for your company, with Figment you have the option to sell product bundles, serialized merchandise or items that require multiple variations. Our EPoS system helps you keep stock moving and fulfills your customer’s needs- Never be out of stock!

Loyalty & Rewards 

At Figment, we strongly believe that customers should always be treated well for showing loyalty to the brands they choose. Whatever your business is, you should always consider offering your customers a voucher or a generous discount.

Table Services 

Table layouts that match your restaurant floor. Statuses to speed up your services. Quick printing options to streamline your order flow. Figment will take off the hassle of your table service. Simple and Fast!

Reliable Offline Mode

Figment provides you with a ‘Reliable offline mode’ to enable you to generate transactions even without WIFI. We believe this feature is vital for any business.

Ingredients Tracking 

With Figment, you have the ability to control your stock management, by assigning ingredients to your products. Figment gives you the most- in-depth account of your inventory levels.

Integrated Payments

Our application integrates with a mixture of quick and reliable payment methods, making the transaction process seamless. With integrated payments, you can zoom through multiple transactions per minute.

Employee Time Tracking 

Figment has designed a feature that allows you to know which employee is most productive and completes their shift.

Figment- Hardware

We provide IPad, Printers, Barcode scanner and more.  please visit our website- https://figmentpos.com/.

Visit us at www.figmentech.com for more information.