Why is Cloud Point Of Sale essential for your business?

Why is Cloud Point Of Sale essential for your business?

Cloud pos systems offer multiple features which could be useful for all types of businesses. Features include, streamline subscription payments, reliable offline mode, ingredients tracking, loyalty and more.

Why is Cloud POS essential for any type of business?

Your chosen Point- Of- Sale (POS) system should be affordable, updated and well integrated into your business and offer more than just process transactions. Cloud-based Point- of- Sale systems are no longer a want, its a need! Such systems will help streamline your business in multiple ways, such as, inventory and reporting management features and customer service.

A Cloud POS for your retail store can help your business push forward into a world of success. Moreover,  Figment POS provides your business with multiple features that we believe you are looking for.

Advantages of Cloud POS


One of the most beneficial features of the Cloud POS is that it can work both online and offline. All businesses vary, some are on the move and others are in a fixed location. No matter where you are with Cloud POS you will always have access to the internet and the ability to check your dashboard. In addition, Figment offers exactly that, ‘Reliable Offline Mode’, ensures you are always able to take payments and make transactions and fitted for all business types.

Easy to grow and shrink

Each Cloud POS system device have a different payment system. POS systems offer a monthly/ yearly pay and others give you the options of both. At Figment we offer both choices of payment, however, the costs differ according to which offer you choose. To find out more, please visit our page on Facebook: Figment OR visit our website: www.figmentech.com.

No software installation

With SaaS, all software is on the provider’s end. All you need to do is open your browser and access the service. This process is as quick and easy as browsing the net, and no software slowing down on your PC or smartphone.

Backup of information

As you already know, all of your information is backed up automatically in Cloud, therefore, you do not need to worry about your data, even if your PC was to crash. It is all saved and secure in your Cloud POS. Most importantly, if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen, there is no worry, as all your information is saved in your Cloud POS.

For more information, please visit us at www.figmentech.com.