Why is Figment POS the best system for your retail store?

Why is Figment POS the best system for your retail store?

Why is Figment POS best for your retail stores?

Cloud-based POS systems are best for retail stores as it provides the latest and most advanced features. These features include integrated payments, inventory management, reporting and analytics& easy refunds. Figment POS provides you with exactly that:  Reporting& analytics, Inventory management, Loyalty& Rewards, Reliable Offline mode, Integrated payments, Discountable items& Refunds.

Reporing& Analytics

Figment POS provides you with the ability to view the past year dashboards that make it easy to track sales,  profits, and changes over a period of time. The system allows you to understand have the knowledge of your stores no matter where you are in the world.

Inventory Management

If you sell product bundles, serialized merchandise or items which require multiple variations. Out EPoS system helps you keep stock moving and gives your customers what they are asking for.

With Figment POS, you will always be updated about your store. Whether you are traveling or constantly on the move, always have the accessibility to your store. Four top reasons why reporting& analytics are essential:

Figment POS View the performance of products and individual stores

Figment POS Identify opportunities for growth and business improvement

Figment POS  Learn which employees are your top performers

Figment POS  Better understand your customers’ shopping habits

Figment POS With just one click, use one master order to combine purchasing, transferring and ordering from multiple vendors.

Figment POS Create special orders to meet individual customer needs.

Figment POS The ability to track unit costs, inventory levels and SKUs throughout multiple destinations.

Figment POS Import products directly into your account from an Excel file sheet.

Figment POS Create product variations such as size, colour& materials.

Figment POS Create, track, and assign serial numbers to products.

Loyalty& Rewards

Figment POS allows you to set up personalized loyalty schemes. This means you can reward your customers for showing loyalty to your brand. Discounts and special offers encourage customers to revisit your store. Loyalty schemes are an excellent way to expand and grow a strong customer base.

Seven top reasons why Loyalty& Rewards are essential:

Figment POS The ability to learn more about your customers using custom designed loyalty cards that exploit your brand.

Figment POS Track your customer’s current loyalty progress and rewards.

Figment POS Get to know your most loyal and returning customers.

Figment POS Reward customers for showing loyalty to your brand.

Figment POS Keep your customers coming back.

Figment POS Create a brand with a fixed customer base from which you can build up.

Figment POS Easy to set up integrated loyalty schemes.

Reliable Offline Mode

Figment POS ensures you will always be able to take payments and make transactions. This particular feature is perfect if you are on the constant move and are in need to check the progress of your store. Offline mode gives you the freedom and security to carry on with your business, where ever you are and whenever you want.

Four reasons why Reliable Offline Mode is essential:

Figment POS The ability to move around comfortably knowing you can check on your profitability at any time.

Figment POS Never miss a transaction.

Figment POS All data syncs up with Figment BackOffice (dashboard) once you get an Internet connection.

Figment POS Figment POS guards you against the poor internet.

Integrated Payments

Figment POS integrates with a variety of quick and reliable payment methods, making the transaction simple& easy. The faster the transaction means more payments. With integrated payments, you can go through multiple transactions per minute.

Six reasons why Integrated payments are essential:

Figment POS  Split Payments

Figment POS  Store Credits

Figment POS  Refunds & Returns

Figment POS  Parked Bills

Figment POS  Discounts

Figment POS  Gift Cards

Discountable items

Manage your discountable items with Figment, decide whether or not you want to give your customers a discount and get staff permissions.


Figment POS gives you the control to manage your refunds if you think and feel the customers are liable then it’s just a simple click.

How do I become a member of Figment POS?

If you are satisfied with the information provided about Figment POS and you believe its the best system for you. Check us out on our website, www.figmentech.com or follow our page on Facebook- Figment. All the information about becoming a member with us is displayed clearly on our website. However, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to call us directly and we will be happy to guide you.

Visit us on www.figmentech.com for more information.